WURK 96.3 FM-Tampa, is owned and operated by Rainbow Heights Neighborhood Association and Crime Watch Inc, (RHNACW). DBA WURK Community Radio It's the first community/public radio station of its type to support ideas, concerns, and initiatives in East and West Tampa Florida. 


WURK Community Radio was founded on April 1, of 2014. It has distinguished itself as a public broadcasting organization actively involved in the communities it serves.


The People of East and West Tampa, FL will be the “beneficiary” of WURK Community Radio’s program services. WURK 96.3FM broadcasts a diverse format of music and public affairs programs created by people in the community...for the community.


The station operates at 100 watts of power and reaches a maximum radius of ten miles.


Our vision is to become a leading resource that provides advocacy and awareness initiatives that support children and families residing within our coverage areas.


WURK Community Radio strives to inform, educate and entertain our community with news, sports, public affairs, music, cultural events, and interactive educational media. We will inform our community on local, state, and national concerns, as well as entertain and encourage cultural diversity and awareness by helping listeners become personally involved in issues and projects affecting their communities, and by supporting local organizations and community initiatives.

Our Values


Our most important values are:


1) excellence in journalism


2) accessibility to our community. Community members contribute talents and ideas to the station’s programming and development. Ethnic diversity and gender balance are central to our mission and vision.




It all started with a conversation between two friends while serving as volunteers at Simba Kai Martial Arts Academy - a non-profit youth organization in Brooksville, FL. Mr. Richard Howell, a concerned citizen and community activist expressed his limitations to inform the community about current events and city government activities. He identified with radio as a resource that was much needed in the Brooksville community. Dee Jackson began a feasibility study. His in-depth research led to a January 2011 Presidential Executive Order that would provide assistance to communities such as Brooksville, Fl. Obama signed the Local Community Radio Act of 2011 that gave local non-profit organizations an opportunity to own community radio stations across the country. Dee Jackson and Program Development Officer, Horace Bailey registered with The Prometheus Radio Project, who provided technical assistance that empowered prospective neighborhood organizations who were motivated to implement participatory radio as a tool for social justice, grassroots organizing, and a voice for community expression.  


The Community Radio Act of 2011 advocated for a more just media system, to help grassroots organizations build communications infrastructure to strengthen their capacities to implement community-based, volunteer initiatives. Prometheus Radio provided valuable information on filing requirements and deadlines.


After months of participating in webinars and increased research and development, Dee Jackson and Horace Bailey continued their quest to bring this exciting opportunity to Tampa, Fl. (Dee Jackson's hometown) on a mission to discover a neighborhood organization who would be interested in adopting this exciting venture. Rainbow Heights Neighborhood Association and Crime Watch Inc. located in East Tampa, Fl received the challenge with open arms.


"WURK-LP 96.3FM Community Radio will offer a creatively fun and exciting opportunity for adults and youth to participate in reshaping and empowering underrepresented populations throughout Tampa, Florida" stated Frankie Jones, President of Rainbow Heights Neighborhood Association. Our application was submitted  on November 13, 2013 and was approved and granted a construction permit on March 28, 2014  



Governance and Ownership


Rainbow Heights Neighborhood Association Crime Watch Inc, is a nonprofit, and State of Florida charitable organization. The corporation is a membership organization as defined by state statute.  


A 6-member board of directors owns WURK Community Radio on behalf of the communities they serve. The board is also the seat of ownership for WURK 96.3 FM Community Radio’s other organizational activities.


The Board of Directors of WURK Community Radio operate under a standard of conduct defined by a system of policy governance.


The board’s governance policies are governed according to the bylaws contained in the Articles of Incorporation for Rainbow Heights Neighborhood Association and Crime Watch.


Rainbow Heights Neighborhood Association and Crime Watch, INC. owns and operates WURK-LP 96.3 FM, as well as its 100-watt radio transmitter in West Tampa, Florida.

Here's How it WURKS

Get Informed. Get Involved.

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